MISSIONS are a priority at River City Church because they reflect God's heart of love for this world. 

As we support missions we are obeying Jesus' Great Co-Mission to 'Go into all the world' and make disciples of people from all nations.

On the first Sunday of every month we take a collection in our 10 am service for the missions we support - making Jesus' priority our priority.

Learn about the missions we support below . . .


River City Care is a non-discriminatory charity linked to River City Church serving our community through: Emergency welfare for those in need in our local community Kids Holiday Craft Clubs River City Care is a registered charity - all donations to River City Care are tax deductible.

Jesus Cares ministers to rough sleepers and other marginalised persons in Sydney. They are effectively reaching the poor, lonely, hurting and homeless people of our city with the good news of Jesus Christ and seeing lives changed.  http://www.jesuscares.net/

OVERSEAS MISSIONS WE SUPPORT ACC International Missions, China. Our workers in China are involved in cross-cultural evangelism training to Christian indigenous leaders. http://www.accimissions.org.au/faq

Sovereign King Mission, India. Kevin and Debra Kamalraj and their team at Sovereign King Ministries (SKM) work at the heart of one of the riverside slums in Chennai, India occupied by the Dalit people. SKM run a children's club 365 days a year to provide a safe space for the children to play and do their homework. Some children attend both before and after school. Because of this provision, parents are able to work a little longer and earn a little extra to pay for food, medicine and other essentials. The slum is unpleasant and unhygienic. Alcoholism, disease and abuse are rife. The project is a beacon in this dark place, offering the next generation not only a refuge but a chance to get the best from their education. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sovereign-King-Mission-Chennai/166974886722842

Destiny Rescue Working in several locations in South East Asia Destiny Rescue exists to end child sexual exploitation and slavery: Rescue Agents Posing as customers seek to win the child’s trust before making an offer to take them to a safe rescue home   Restore is where the long yet joyful healing process begins.

Rescued children are taken to safe houses where they sleep safely, receive education, vocational training, counseling and healthcare, spiritual guidance and, most importantly, love. Protect Prevention Homes in different countries care for at-risk children – often siblings of rescued girls – until they are of age to find safe employment or higher education. Empower  It’s often the desperation of poverty that sees children being trafficked into sexual exploitation. Educating poor communities about trafficking and helping establish small business projects, gives at-risk communities a hand-up, not a hand out. A Voice When you’re trapped in darkness, no-one can hear you. These children are going through, or have been through, hell on earth, and few seem to be listening. These children don’t have voices of their own so Destiny Rescue are shouting for them. We want everyone to know about this evil. We want everyone to do something to help. https://www.destinyrescue.org/aus/


Use Bank Account numbers below for online transfers OR Use Account Names below for cheques and post to: River City Church, PO Box 145, Northmead NSW 2152

‘River City Church Inc’ (Tithes & Other Offerings) Westpac Account Number: 032 078 24 1337

River City Church Inc Missions’ (Missions Support) Westpac Account Number: 032 078 24 1345

River City Church Inc Building’ (Building Fund ) ING Direct Account Number: 923 100 60166895 ‘

River City Care’ (Care Donations) Westpac Account Number: 032 078 60 5495

(Email us to receive a tax deductible receipt for River City Care donations $2 and over.)  

This is the most significant demonstration of our Western Desert People of their Christian beliefs.